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Loan Originator

Want to Show Your Pipeline Who's Boss and Move Up A Few tax Brackets?

Our growing team of mortgage professionals believe that their earnings should be directly related to their efforts. As an independent mortgage broker, we can offer you a flexible schedule, more loan products for your borrowers, faster turn times, wholesale pricing and a superior compensation plan than available at most banks, credit unions and mortgage broker companies.

We take pride in offering a special kind of working environment...

  • Our commission payout of 150 to 190 basis points is one of the highest in the industry. This is possible because the two owners also originate and close loans.
  • We broker 100% of our loans, which allows you to select the best lender and loan program for your borrower. No hassles, limitations or pressure to use an    in-house credit line.
  • Access a wide range of programs, such as, Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Reverse Mortgages, Construction, Home Improvement, Land Development & Lot Loans, Commercial Loans and many Non-QM products (e.g. bank statements, asset depletion, no income verification, accelerated mortgage payoffs)
  • The owners are highly sucessful at closing dificult or tricky deals which results in our loan officers closing transactions that are not fundable at other companies.
  • No layoff worries-your destiny is in your hands
  • We are a debt-free company that has been in existence since 2007.

Our company was created to be a place where loan officers are allowed to maximize their earning potential. One of the keys to accomplishing this, is to maintain a relaxed work environement that is supportive, and allows for individual flexibility.

So, if you desire to make a change and flourish with us, give Rob or George a call or send an e-mail.


Rob Norton (425.750.7593) - Managing Partner NMLS#94036

George Pressley (206.465.5081) - Designated Broker NMLS#94040

Skills & Experience


  • Ability to originate loan applications
  • Thorough undestanding of the mortgage loan process from origination through closing
  • Knowledge of appropriate mortgage loan programs (FNMA/FHLMC, FHA, VA, USDA, Non-QM, etc.) that are in the best interest of the customer.
  • Aibility to establish and maintain communication with the customers and keep them infomed during the loan process.


Minimum of 3 years of experience originating loans, which includes the original loan application and disclosures, and assisting processing with clearing underwriting conditions and closing requirements.


  • Loan Originators, to the extent permitted by law, solicit, procure and process loan applications and render such other services to loan applicants and perform such other incidental duties as requested by IFMM from time to time.
  • Loan Originator will peform all duties in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations applicable to the mortgage industry including internal quality control and compliance programs.
  • Loan Originator will take any necessary actions to maintain and satisfy any and all state and federal licensing requirements.


This is a fulltime position